Monday, March 16, 2009

"There was nothing special about Jesus' life."

When I read that sentence on page 82, I stopped.  And re-read it.  Then I came back to it.

I think I get what Nouwen is trying to convey.  But I have trouble with this idea.  And not for the obvious reasons (I hope).

It's obvious that Jesus didn't seek "publicity" in the way we use the term today.

But He was remarkable.  Still is.

He's remarkable, because remarkable simply means worth making a remark about.  Worth sharing.  Worth spreading.

Jesus was authentic.  He didn't manufacture an image.  He didn't manipulate.  He didn't inflate.  These are the characteristics associated with "publicity" today.

Even today, individuals who are authentic are remarkable.  Maybe because they're so hidden treasures.

God doesn't reveal Himself in our proof.  He reveals Himself in our search.  Because our search is real.  And other seekers can relate to that.

Jesus was special, because he was remarkable.  Not in the modern sense.  In the universal sense.

When we discover Him (and realize He's always been here), we can't help but share this with others.

Remarkable = remark about.

Is my walk with Christ remarkable?  Is yours?

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