Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Target practice. That’s what I need, Lord. Trying to hit the bull’s eye, without having a goal, without stopping and aiming, doesn’t work. It’s easy enough to shotgun pray. I can do that all day long. I can pray while driving, while shopping, while cooking, even while I’m listening to a long-winded friend on the phone.
That’s not what you want me to do, is it, Lord? I’m not supposed to fire off prayers like throwing out seeds on the lawn. You heard us asking you to help us to pray effectively, meaningfully, thoughtfully. We want to pray to you, and along with you.
Guide us, Lord. If we have to slow down and stop, in order to listen, then let us stop. Make us sit. Let us look you in the face. Let us slow down our breathing, become calm and relaxed. Let everything around us become silent. We want to hear you in the Lenten season. We do want to learn to pray.

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