Monday, February 15, 2010

Our father, who art in Heaven. Heaven seems so far away that we can hardly reach it. We lie on our backs on the top of Etowah Indian Mounds, and look up at the black night, full of stars, wondering if we’re looking at God in Heaven. We walk to the top of Kennesaw Mountain, on a bright, sunny day, and look up at the blue sky dotted with small clouds, wondering if that is God’s Heaven.
Then we smell a baby’s breath, we look into the faces of our children, we hold our own father’s hand. We ourselves are visited in the hospital by Sunday school friends, we are called by caring ones when we’ve lost a job, and we get a card in the mail saying we were missed at choir practice.
We know that Heaven is not far away in the night sky, or shining down on us from a cloud. Heaven surrounds us all the time, and God is here, right now. We can whisper a prayer, or think a Psalm, or write a note to God. Our Heavenly Father encircles us with his heavenly arms every second of our lives.
Jesus taught us to pray, to remember, that “we” are part of “our” – that God is our Father who is always with us.

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  1. Thought I would share with you a little story from my six year old son. A few years ago we traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to visit family. On the way home, as the plane ascended into the clouds he shouted out "Look Mommy! The clouds! We are in heaven and we are not even dead yet!"

    You are right. Heaven is a lot closer than we think.