Monday, February 22, 2010

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Singing the Lord’s Prayer helps me to slow down and think about the words. Particularly do I focus on the phrase “hallowed be thy name.” When we join in a community praying of the Lord’s Prayer, we are sometimes asked to "repeat" the Lord’s Prayer. And that is exactly what we tend to do, hurriedly and thoughtlessly. Always we should “pray” this prayer.

Sing through the beginning, to yourself, slowly. When you come to these words, “Hal-lo-wed be Thy name,” you slow down, you pause, you reflect.

These first ten words of this prayer are perhaps ten of the most important words we shall ever pray, as we look toward God our Father, proclaim his presence all around us, rejoice being in His heavenly arms,and assert our belief in the holiness of His name.

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