Friday, February 27, 2009

Yesterday was the funeral of my dear friend's mother, Mama J. Spending time with my friend on Ash Wednesday and having the privelege to speak at Mama J's funeral yesterday was really a wonderful opportunity for me to understand what it means to 'choose life'.
Mama J chose life.....a life with Christ as her center. She told me a few weeks ago that she had no fear of death whatsoever. Because she lived a life of gratitude, a life of always helping others, and found joy in each and every day, she indeed did choose life. She chose it everyday.

Like me, Mama J fell away from God from time to time, but, she always came back. The lenten season is not only a time when we can 'come back', it's a time to 'start'.
All too often I let way too many other responsibilities and thoughts get in the way of the special time that I want to spend with God. He hears me anyway, even when I stop mid-prayer to answer the phone or go feed the dog. As hard as I try, sometimes I just can't stay focused on my talks with God, but I never feel that he doesn't overlook my shortcomings and let me take up right where I left off.

It is through Christ and His forgiveness of my sins that I feel comforted daily knowing that God loves me regardless.

This forty days is but a small part of my faith journey. I look to it with hope.

Lynnda Crowder-Eagle

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