Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is It Worth It?

I once heard Frederick Buechner retell a story from Karl Barth.  He said that every Sunday there is a hush in the sanctuary as the preacher opens the Bible to begin the sermon.  On the mind of everyone gathered is a single question, "Is it true"?  I was talking about that with a friend several weeks ago and admitted that I have a different question.  For me the question is, "Is it worth it"?  I don't have such a hard time believing in a Creating God, or a Redeeming Christ or a Sustaining Spirit.  I don't wrestle at night with ideas of the trinity or the incarnation or even everlasting life.  What I do struggle with, if I am honest, is the abundant life that Jesus offers worth the sacrifice of my selfishness?  Is living for others worth dying to myself?  Is offering the world Christ worth surrendering my time in the spotlight?  
This lent is an invitation to me to test that question.  It is a chance to ask is it worth giving up my own desires to follow Christ toward the cross.  I am asking that question and am thankful that God's love does not depend on me having the answer.  I am grateful that the Church has built in time in our faith journey to ask the question.  Will I grow?  Will you grow?  I look forward to this journey with you.   

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