Saturday, April 11, 2009

death: Life

Death: existence
Life: promise

Death: cruel end
Life: beauty

Death: cling
Life: appreciate

Death: relativized
Life: revitalized

Death: sad recognition
Life: dear memories

Death: the end
Life: a beginning

Death: "What you should do is..."

Life: "I'm sorry"

Death: serious...
Life: ... but not hopeless

Death: placate
Life: present

Death:"That won't work.  I tried it already"
Life: I think I know how you feel.  I felt that way one time.  This is what I found..."

Death:  law
Life: grace

Death: Friday
Life: Sunday
Death: who is the greatest?
Life: dirty feet

Death: lent
Life: relent

Death: givers and receivers
Life: community

Death: certainty
Life: faith

Death: my answers
Life: mystery

Death: the fall
Life: creation

Death: my way (or the high way)
Life: the Way

Death: reality
Life: the Truth

Death: life
Life: the Life

death: Life

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