Thursday, April 1, 2010

Power and Glory

Forty days and forty nights of Lenten meditations. We’ve had time to consider, internalize, write about, think about, talk about – yes, even walk about and past the Lord’s Prayer. How quiet and peaceful the Park crosses are in the early morning, even with the commuting traffic. There is a calmness about pausing before each cross. How reassuring those same crosses are in the late afternoon or early evening, when we’ve had a day without any stops, or times, for private prayer.

Surely knowing that God’s Kingdom is always there for us, forever, lets us feel the magnificent power and glory of Our Creator. Dr. Sam eloquently stated this past Sunday: we are moving this week from Celebration to Celebration. Let’s not forget Holy Week, and the reason for our rejoicing, our embracing the supremacy and strength of our God. Let’s seek his splendor and magnificence, not just this week, but forever and ever. Amen.

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