Saturday, March 27, 2010

Temptations and Evil

What tempts you today? A nap? A piece of pie? A moment stolen from yard work to read another chapter in that great mystery book? No, you say. My temptations are much greater: to fudge on my tax returns, to borrow from the office’s petty cash drawer, to linger after work talking to the cute guy in the next cubicle instead of dropping by my sick mom’s home.

We’re tempted to omit and commit, on any given day. What is important is that we recognize our sin of temptation and acting, or not acting, and not let ourselves be caught in a temptation “loop.” It just doesn’t work to casually ask God not to lead us into temptations; we must be Pro-Active about our lives.

Part of that strength should also be directed toward recognized evil in all its forms, in all its faces. Whether it is as serious as immorality or vice, or simply foul and vile and nasty, we want God to be beside us. Of course, we always want the pleasant and good in our lives. But the world today is not an ivory tower.

God, let us be constantly in prayer, asking that we continue to do the very best for and in our lives, that we love others as ourselves, and that we always strive to be the kind of self that we know we should be.

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