Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prayer Stations in the Park

Thanks to the Ministry Teams and Sunday School classes who are providing stations in the park throughout Lent (Ash Weds Feb 17 - Easter Apr 4)

Lord, Teach us to pray - Discovery Class
Our Father, who art in heaven, - Children's Ministry
Hallowed be thy name - Music Ministry
Thy kingdom come - Inquirers Class
Thy will be done - J.O.Y. Class
On earth as it is in heaven. - Kindred Spirits Class
Give us this day - Lightseekers Class
Our daily bread - Senior Adult Ministry
And forgive us our trespasses - Available
As we forgive those that trespass against us - Available
And lead us not into temptation - 11th and 12 grade Sunday School class
But deliver us from evil - Experiencing Joy Class
For thine is the kingdom - Phileo Class
And the power and the glory forever - John Strother Class
Amen - Open Door Class

Many thanks to Scott and Sandra Anderson for preparing the crosses and setting these throughout the park.

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